Pizza Poll: Who Makes the Best Pizza in Athens?

Vote for your favorite pizza spot in Athens, GA

By Jessica Sweeney, Macaroni KID Athens January 30, 2024

πŸ• The results are in! 
We asked readers to answer the question: "Who makes the best pizza in Athens??" 
You voted and we tallied... Fox's Pizza Den of Oconee reigns supreme! πŸ†πŸ‘

Here's some of your thoughts:
"We love their cauliflower based crust and friendly staff!"
"All of their pizza is delicious! They have other great food too."
"My go-to place when I need a lot of pizza for a birthday party." 

Reader's other family-favorite pizza spots in Athens are: 
Automatic Pizza - "Big slices and yummy cheese!"
Fully Loaded Pizza Co. - "Large pizzas and great atmosphere."

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate! I loved hearing from you! 
Now go out and get you a slice πŸ˜‹

Original article post:
πŸ• National Pizza Day is February 9th and we want to know: Who makes the best pizza in Athens?

It's  a hard question because Athens has a LOT of really good pizza. Use the  Google Form below to cast your vote and share your thoughts. Then, on  February 9th, we will announce the top 3 spots you voted for, and the  grand prize for the top pizza place is 2 months of FREE advertising on  Mac KID Athens' webpage.

An article will also be created to highlight your comments and thoughts for our community to enjoy!

People have strong opinions on pizza. Are pineapples a travesty? Is Chuck E. Cheese secretly your favorite? Whatever your opinion, voice it now!

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