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By Jessica Sweeney, Publisher Macaroni KID Athens January 8, 2024

Jurassic Quest is coming to Atlanta, GA for 3 DAYS!

This iconic event is a must-visit for families, dinosaur enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a larger-than-life experience. Learn more about what to expect for this winter's Jurassic Quest adventure and how you can save up to 25% on your ticket purchase below.

Parents - If you don't feel like you can make the trip to Atlanta to enjoy Jurassic Quest this winter, it does look like they are scheduled to come to The Classic Center in Athens at the end of May! However, the current discount won't be available at that time.
I will post updates sometime soon!

When and Where: The Dino Takeover in Atlanta

Atlanta's Jurassic Quest is set to take place at Cobb Galleria Centre from Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28, 2024. This means you have limited time to experience this prehistoric celebration for the winter season!

Location Address: 
2 Galleria Parkway SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

(770) 955-8000

Hours of Operation:

Friday from 12pm to 8pm
Saturday from 9am to 6pm
Sunday from 9am to 7pm

A Jurassic Quest Adventure: What to Expect

Jurassic Quest goes beyond just showcasing dinosaurs; it's a full-fledged adventure for the entire family. Here's what's in store for this year:

  1. Dino Exhibits: Get up close and personal with over 80 life-sized, realistic dinosaurs. From the ferocious Velociraptor to the gentle giant Triceratops, each exhibit is designed to transport you to a time when these magnificent creatures roamed the Earth.
  2. Interactive Zones: Want to experience digging for fossils? How about dino crafts you can take home? Jurassic Quest's interactive zones allow you to get hands-on with the prehistoric pals. 
  3. Dinosaur Rides: Ever dreamed of riding a dinosaur? Now's your chance! Climb aboard one of the animatronic dinosaurs and take a journey through the past, all while enjoying the thrill of the ride.
  4. Meet Baby Dinos: How many people can say that they met a baby dinosaur?! This exhibit allows you to see and interact with newly-hatched dinos and their trainers.

Ticket Information 

Tickets for Jurassic Quest can be purchased online.

Look for the "Information and Restriction" section towards the bottom of the page to view discount offers and how you can redeem.

Hurry! You must purchase tickets before January 25th in order to receive the discounted offer!

If you have any questions, send me an e-mail:

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