Cookie Dough Graveyard a Spookalicious Halloween Treat

Kids will love to make this not-so-spooky Halloween dessert

By Erika Veduccio, editor of Macaroni Kid EATS! October 19, 2020

This edible graveyard is the perfect Halloween treat, not to mention kids will love to make it! The recipe uses crushed chocolate cereal or graham crackers for the dirt and vanilla cookies filled with chocolate for the tombstones. The best part of this activity is piecing the graveyard together! My kids liked using licorice to create the spooky trees and the pumpkin candies and candy corn to create a graveyard look. Get creative!

Cookie Dough Graveyard


  • Edible cookie dough
  • 2 cups of chocolate cereal or four graham crackers
  • Candy corn and pumpkin candy
  • Licorice
  • Marshmallows
  • 6 oval vanilla and chocolate filled cookies (like Pepperidge Farms' Milano cookies)
  • Orange frosting
  • 1 container black glitter gel icing


  • Spread the edible cookie dough in the pan. We used a glass pie pan. 
  • Crush the chocolate cereal or graham crackers. We used to a zipper baggie to cut down on the mess. (This is the "dirt" you will use to cover the edible cookie dough.)

Marshmallow Ghosts

Use the candy corn as the body of the ghost. Place it, wide end down, in the dough where you want your ghosts. Then use the black glitter gel to make two eyes on your marshmallow -- the ghost "head." Then gently push the marshmallow "head" onto your candy corn "body."


The vanilla and chocolate filled cookies are a perfect shape to make tombstones. Write "RIP" (or whatever you wish!) on the "tombstones" and then push them into the cookie dough. We used orange frosting to help anchor the "tombstones" in the cookie dough.

Spooky Trees

Use scissors to cut black licorice sticks in half. Then, from the top, cut three parts. These are your "branches."

Use the candy corn and pumpkin candies to decorate and orange frosting to help anchor the decorations where needed.

Do we need to tell you what's next? Take pictures of your creation of course! Then dive in like the ghouls you are and gobble up your masterpiece. Yum!

This article originally appeared in Macaroni Kid EATS!